Hi, my name is Michael and this is my first blog post.

Im not very good with first impressions, well not in person anyways, most people walk away with that "wow hes kind of a sarcastic prick" look on their faces. OR they think "wow he is a really sweet guy" which ends badly when they find out that im kind of a sarcastic prick! All kidding aside: I'm a pretty good person (by my standards of course), but really sarcastic. Keep this in mind for future blog posts.
HI! I'm Michael, sometimes I go by Michael Savant, hey honey, or most frequently: DADDY.  I have a drop dead gorgeous wife named Adriana, and two boys Christian and Hendrix who are 9 and 17 months. I live with Hendrix 7 days a week and have Christian every other weekend per a court order that hangs over my head like a black cloud, yeah, fuck how fathers are treated in the eyes of judges in MA, more (see: A LOT MORE) on that later. We live in a loft just outside of the city my wife and I met and fell in love with, Providence RI. I DJ and run a promotions company called NextHYPE for a living, and love every moment of it.

My family supports and practices cloth diapering, breast feeding,  co-sleeping,  attachment parenting,  baby wearing, and  a whole slew of other tops Craig and I will be writing about as this site progresses. I have a hard time sharing intimate details of my life as I am a very private person, living a very public life, but am going to try to do so as time goes on. Thanks for taking the time to read this! I will leave you with a few photos of myself and my family, try not to die from the cuteness...my kids and wife are not too shabby either.