PHOTOS: Weekends

Friday's for most people mean checking their watch every few minutes waiting until it's 5:00 so they can scream TGIF and rush out the door to head to the bar with their buddies. For me it means screaming WE SO EXCITED and rushing home to my lady and my baby for a weekend of adventures, playgrounds and naps. Here are a few photos of what we did this weekend:

Here we are in Brighton Center playing 'airplane' (one of Sierra's favorite games as you can see. 

Sierra created a game called "pick up all the pinecones from this random church's "front yard" and throw them all onto the sidewalk. It was basically the best game ever. (p.s. that coffee is from CafeNation if you haven't been, you're missing out)

Sierra found the only patch of sun and was just soaking it all in.

Later that night we went to go see the New England Revolution vs Real Salt Lake at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. Our family is pretty into "The Revs" and we have been season ticket holders for years. Before the game we did some tailgating which is always a lot of fun, who doesn't love a grilled tofu dog? Mmmmm....

Here's a view of the stadium from the ramp when you walk in.

On Sunday we decided to head to New Bedford to visit the grandparents and some friends (and maybe get some free laundry services - Thanks Mom & Dad!). Our lovely friend "Uncle Matt" bought Sierra this awesome turquoise wagon which we used to pull her to this little playground near my parents house.

My Dad may be 55 but he doesn't let it show, this is him doing back flips on the monkey-bars.
My Dad rules.

This is Sierra and I playing one of her other favorite games "peek-a-boo" through these little windows. I was trying to get a kiss but she wasn't having it.

My Dad basically stole Sierra the whole time which is fine with me because I love watching them play with one another, he is a very proud grampa.

This is Sierra's very cool p-leather jacket which she insists on wearing quite regularly now, as well as her sweet Timberland boots which are much too big for her right now but she loves them so we let her wear them anyway.

A rare photo of Sierra standing still long enough to snap a decent photograph!

Meet "Baby" Sierra's AmericanGirl Bitty Baby doll we got her for Christmas, although still nameless we're a big fan of her and she comes with us all the time. Now accepting name suggestions by the way.

Here we are wagon-ing back to my parents house after the playground.

My beautiful girlfriend & our beautiful baby striking a pose.

FAMILY (from left to right): Uncle Will, Lauren, Sierra, Aunty Jill, Uncle Matt, Grandpa and Gramma.

Later that night we went to visit my sister who has two little girl twins, names Autumn and Ashley. They go to bed a bit (lot) earlier than Sierra so they were less than enthused with our play date but we managed to snap a few decent photos in between crying :) - Here is Autumn being adorable.

Ashley and Sierra just lounging around. Well hope you enjoyed the photos, It's only Tuesday and I already am looking at my watch to see if it's Friday! - Craig

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