UGGGH MUZIK! (How not to raise a Juggalo!)

MTV ROTS YOUR BRAINSSSS!! Well, it used to, because they used to actually play music. Now its just teens with questionable morals making bad decisions and calling it reality tv, or a gameshow, see also: Teen Mom (yuck), 16 and preggo (gross), Skins (nasty), RWRR: The Challenge (meatheads)! Ok it still rots your brains! I digress, this is not a post about how bad reality tv is or the fact that mtv does not play music anymore, it is about my fears and frustrations over what to expose my children to when it comes to music because I am smart enough to know that whatever I want him to listen to, he will do the direct opposite.

I came up in a time where swears were one of the biggest fears in what I listened to, and this was not much of an issue with bands like Fugazi, Descendants, and Gorilla Biscuits in my collection. I guess I got lucky in that I took to skateboarding at a young age, and the culture that came along with that was mischievous and  definitely posed harm to my physical being (throwing my 12 year old body down stairs and off of ramps and whatnot), but my mental state was fueled by the positivity that surrounded it all. Have you ever seen footage from a Gorilla Biscuits show? People piled up on the stage to sing along or moshed with these big stupid grins on their faces, nothing like this bullshit:


Me: Circa 1991

So anyways, that was me, and what I grew up with. What do I do for Christian and Hendrix? I have enough time to worry about this for Hendrix, but Christian is quickly developing an interest in music and I can only play the blue album (weezer) for him so many times before he realizes its not current and none of his friends listen to it. He has taken an interest in Phoenix and MGMT, which I am cool with, but also The Dropkick Murphys (thanks to his mom), which I cant stand. Its better then slipknot though, right?

These are his 9 year old tastes though, once he grows a bit and starts being subjected to more of what mass media wants him to consume, thats when I am really going to start to worry. Every fucking song out there seems to glorify misogyny, greed, or violence, not to mention the lack of musical integrity. How does one go about raising a musical snob? Keep exposing him to good music? Allow access to all genres (age appropriate of course) and hope he has discerning tastes? Is it too much to hope this is him on his wedding day:

What are your pre-teens listening to? How do you swallow your child wanting to listen to Eminem or Slipknot? Or even worse, ICP!!! OMG there should be a handbook on how not to raise a Juggalo!