Florida Vacation, im a shitty blogger, life comes at you fast, drink lots of water!

WOW, I suck. Craig has been poking and prodding me to blog and I have a plethora of material floating around both my hard drive and my brain drive and I just cant seem to find the time to write it all out. Every time I sit down I get sucked in to my business, digging for music, escaping with fantasy purchases on craigslist (most commonly searched: convertible, motorcycle, macbook pro 8gb, 5d, more useless shit I dont need but want), or mindless banter with people who caught me with my FB chat on..the worst. So here it is, my blog post, I was advised that I should do it in 2 posts because I have around 25 pics to put up, so this is part uno (that means 1).

VACATTIIOOONN!!! My gracious in-laws were kind enough to offer airfare for my family to travel to Florida, Boca Raton to be exact, and stay in my Grandfather-in-law's (is that real?) winter place. We obviously snapped at the chance and one giant suitcase and a ton of logistical planning later, we were off! We looked at cheap umbrella strollers and ended up taking our Quinny Zapp because it folded just as small, if not smaller then the umbrellas and is a lot more durable. Aside from that we ended up bringing our car seat as well because we didnt trust having one down there (good call considering the car situation..which you have yet to read about, shit.) and it strapped to our one gigantor suitcase.

We flew out of the Worcester Airport on Direct Air, NEVER AGAIN! They were horrendous! I called the day of to confirm our flight and it had been changed by an hour, no phone call!! THEN the plane took off over an hour late! This screwed our entire day/night up, bastards. Once we landed in Boca the weather helped, but it was MIDNIGHT! We headed over to the car rental place only to find a massive line, one person working it, and it was all useless. We booked with Hertz and it hertzed, bad. Apparently they only accept debit cards "once in a while" and my wife and I are very anti-credit cards. Lesson learned, we caught a shuttle to the place we were staying and cabbed it around from that point on, which was actually kind of fun!

Grapmys place is right on a golf course and wreaks of Boca Raton, in a good way!

 The boys playing with Hendrix

Adrianas family arrived the second day we were there and we hit the pool first thing! The best part of the place, aside from the fact that its 10 mins from some amazing beaches, is the pool, observe:

 Adrianas brother, Mark, and Christian getting wild! (note the goggles)

 Hendrix fell asleep after an afternoon snack!

After a long day in the sun we all decided to order in and crash out early! The following day we had plans to hit the beach, cook out, and do some more swimming in the pool! Our goal was to take it as easy as possible while down there and spend as much time doing as close to nothing as we could get, and we definitely reached that goal! I will follow up with part 2 and the rest of the photos tomorrow!