Franklin, MA

For the first 9 or 10 months of Sierra's life she and Lauren lived with Nana & Pépé in Franklin, MA (I will write a post about why we all didn't live together right out the gate at a later date BTW). But anyyyyyway we visit from time to time and it's a really nice break from the city sometimes. We went there a few weeks ago for Easter and here are some photos of us enjoying 'the great outdoors':

Teaching Sierra how to play baseball, "ball" was one of her first words but it sounds more like "Bah... Bah.. Bahhhhhh". 

One of the things I miss most about Franklin is "Choate Park" which is this awesome playground, nature walk, woods and pond a few minutes from the grandparents house. It is a really neat little playground that has a pot-luck collection of ride on toys in additon to it's "big kid" and "little kid" play structures.

This is how most of our 'cute' photos look, me trying to kiss Sierra and her being less than enthused, I swear she loves me, just not when it's picture time hah!