Saturday morning Milo and I woke up around 8AM and let Lauren and Sierra sleep in a bit. Exploring Soho with a dog in the early morning was really nice and relaxing. New York is very different than Boston, not only in the obvious ways like amount of businesses and people but the whole 'feel' of the city is different, the smell, the look, the people - just about everything. When Milo and I returned home we got ready and headed out in search of breakfast and coffee. After about 20 minutes of walking around aimlessly we settled upon 'sNice which is a vegan/vegetarian coffee/foodery that had so many delicious things it was hard to choose from. We ended up with a Tofu Scramble Wrap, a Grilled Cheese (yes a grilled cheese for breakfast, judge us!) and a everything bagel with tofu cream cheese - all three things were shared and loved by everyone. Oh yeah, also tons of coffee obviously.

Sierra enjoying the complimentary sugar cookie that came with breakfast! p.s. I totally ganked this photo from Lauren's tumblr here: http://laurenmissesyou.tumblr.com

As you can clearly see, we hated breakfast.

After our delicious breakfast we walked up and took the D train to 59th street / Columbus Circle and spent a few hours enjoying the beautiful day in Central Park. We found this amazing playground that is almost as big as the town Lauren is from. It had a gigantic sand box, climbing structures, tons of swings and just about everything a child could ask for. The sun and the heat were pretty intense compared to the past few weeks in Boston so we went in search of shade and we stumbled upon "The Ramble" which we didn't know when we got started but is is basically a rocky, dirty, long, steep and sometime stair filled HIKE. We were wearing Toms, had a toddler and toting a huge stroller, needless to say we were unprepared for "The Ramble". Once we finally made it out Sierra had passed out in her stroller so Lauren and I got some snacks and found some shade. Lastly we hit up Strawberry Fields and then jumped on the C train to West Village for some lunch and shopping.

Here we are resting in Central Park after The Ramble. It was a perfect little moment. (photo also stolen from Lauren's Tumblr, whoops, don't hate me Lauren!)

Here is a short little video of Sierra enjoying the swings in the Central Park playground, her favorite part was kicking over the camera man (aka me)

For lunch we decided on "Vegetarian's Paradise 2" that a friend had told us about. We kind of went all out and got Buffalo Wings and The Roll Sampler for an appetizer and the "Seafood" Extravaganza and Chicken Curry for entrees. If you're a vegan who trys to eat somewhat healthy I'd avoid this place, it's just a "fake meat paradise" and I was underwhelmed with it in general, although I can't lie that chicken curry was amazing. Once we were all full of soy and tofu we headed to Generation Records which was AMAZING if you're in NY and a vinyl nerd do not miss this place. We also went to Clementine Consignment, Hamlet's Vintage and a few other neat shops.

The Buffalo "Wings" - VERY tasty.

The curry "chicken" and potatoes. Also very good.

The "seafood" extravaganza. YUCK! We barely touched it, they actually took it off the menu without us even complaining, they just noticed we didn't touch it or ask to take it home, good customer service :)

Sierra's favorite part of the meal obviously, Mint Chip Ice Cream and Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. It made the trip to this place, and New York, worth it. Mmmm.

Although I think my favorite part of the day was how happy Sierra seemed. She seemed to love the hustle and bustle, the people, the dogs, the cabs, the runners and bicyclist - yeah we have all that in Boston, but like I said earlier it's very different here and I could see the excitement in Sierra's face. At least two dozen people stopped and said how cute she was and one full grown man with dreadlocks and an 8 pack played peek-a-boo with her for a full three minutes. It makes me happy to see her happy and to see her make others happy. All and all it was an amazing day and I'm excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow we are planning to get to Brooklyn and explore the Brooklyn Flea, Bedford Ave and the Botanical Gardens.