Sierra's 2nd Birthday!

When I was a kid birthday's seemed so easy, eat a bunch of cake, get a bunch of toys and then take a nap but now that I'm the one throwing it, it seems a lot more stressful. Sierra's birthday is in mid-august and I've already started thinking about what theme we will do, where it will be, who will come, etc. Although sort of stressful it's also so much fun, I had a blast planning last year's and am excited that Sierra will be older and enjoy herself more this time. Does anyone have any good suggestions for themes? I'm at a loss!

Sierra's first birthday was a MONSTER PICNIC and it went so well that I feel we have a lot to live up to! At the time we were living in a small apartment in Somerville that had no backyard so we held the party in a local park and it was a beautiful day. I handmade all her invites, each one was different and they were a ton of fun to make! Mama made the cake and cupcakes from scratch which were so delicious my mouth is watering even a year later. A lot of people bought us "monster themed" gifts that Sierra and we loved. It was a really fun day and I hope this year is just as much fun and then some. Here are some super cute photos from it:

This was the handmade cake by Mama, I made the letters though!

There were tons of babies in attendance, including the other ½ of The Hipster Dad's baby, Hendrix, who was just learning to walk as you can see --- FACEPLANT!

Sierra loved her cake but was a little confused why 40 people were staring at her when she was eating it.

Here are some of the invites I made! This is Freddy and Samara (of The Ring)

Frankenstein and Vomit Breath

Dracula and Frenchie

The information for the party was on the back of the puppets.

Our buddy Kaitlin even brought a cute bunny!