Father's Day Giveaway: Land's End Polo Shirt!

Something you quickly learn about being a parent is that people are quick to judge you on your appearance. When you're the weird, tattooed, shaggy haired, cut off jean shorts wearing dad on the playground you get a few weird looks to say the least! Since Sierra was born I have started to populate my closet with more 'adult' clothes because well I'm supposed to be the grown up now right? Don't get me wrong I still have plenty of t-shirts, skinny jeans and vans but it's nice to have some clothes that make you look half way presentable too. When Land's End contacted us asking if we'd like to do a giveway for Father's Day I was stoked because this is our first official giveaway and a polo shirt is a sweet way to look professional but still be comfortable, it's kind of like the mullet of business attire. They sent me one to try out and I have to say it is one of the nicest polo's I've ever had. Super comfortable, fit's perfectly and comes in a ton of nice colors! Details on the actual shirt here: http://bit.ly/jEGvLJ

Sierra and I playing around in front of our apartment wearing our new polo shirt.

One of Sierra's favorite modes of transportation :)

So here is our little Father's Day gift to you we hope you like it and there are details on how to entere are below and good luck! Thanks Land's End!


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