Florida Vacation, part deux!

I think the general consensus amongst all the members of my family would be that the best part of vacation was Red Reef Park in Boca.  The beach was really clean, had crystal clear water, fantastic places to shower and cook out as well as a man made reef that was just a few feet off of the shore:

I took Christian (and the goggles he never took off the entire trip) out to swim around the reef and look at all the fish, he absolutely loved it! The time of year for being down there was perfect so there were not a lot of tourists to deal with, which made this almost empty beach even better! Here are some photos of the beach, our cookout, and the other major place we went down there, Lion Country Safari!

 They only consider MAN O WAR a pest!!!?!?

 Night Swimming!

 I have never seen the boys sleep so well as they do after a day at the beach!
 At the safari you travel on this single lane road at about 5 mph, if that, so seatbelts are not required!

 Flamingos are pompous A-holes, huh?
 We got to feed a giraffe!

 He looks like hes getting some special luvin, knowwhatimean?

My wife is hot.
Thats it!! Although I do feel compelled to add a note here about how amazingly my children flew! Not a single scream from either of them both there and back! We were pretty much amazed, the rest of the passengers were pretty much relieved!