An open letter to my boys, the secret of life.

 When my wife, Adriana, of Just by Living and Monkey & the Bug asked me to do a fathers day guest post for her I was worried I would have a hard time knowing what to write. There are other posts in the series from some great dads such as Derek from Tart and Don from Adeline's Daddy, so the bar was set pretty high. I sat down to write with an empty head, but that quickly changed. I found myself flooded with words and could not type fast enough to get it all out, which is similar to how I feel for my kids.

There was a time, not too long ago, where I was putting a ton of myself into my career, too much actually. I have ALWAYS taken the time to play with my boys, to roll around on the ground with them, play pokemon, go for walks, play with legos, and read countless books. Being there was not the issue, it was the amount of me that was there. I am easily distracted, and getting this new business of mine off of the ground has not made things any easier. I am constantly responding to text messages, emails, and fb isues on my phone, and it always breaks my concentration, my attention, my 100% bonding time. This is an easy mistake to make, a slippery slope, a tough cycle to break, but I am out of it. I realize that I am rambling right now, and this has nothing to do with the letter to my kids, but I guess it does in a way. When I sat down to write that letter I was flooded with love for my boys, as I am on a daily basis. When I wake up next to Hendrix and his big ol mop of hair I swear I can feel my heart swell, when I look in the rear-view mirror at Christian's beautiful eyes as he tells me a 45 min story about some video game he is creating in his head, I feel as though I could listen forever. I made the conscious effort to be more available, to COMPLETELY be there when I am with my children, and I suggest you do the same. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the world, in worrying about paying bills, settling beefs, planning events, and all the 1.5 million other things that go on around you. The reality is: its all bullshit. Those are the things in life that dont really matter, give them the minimal amount of attention and swift kick in the ass they need and turn to your children, thats the secret of life, for me anyways.

Ok, I wasnt planning on writing that much, I apologize, and thanks for getting this far, here is the letter I wrote, I hope you enjoy it.