Pampers 50th Anniversary Miracles Campaign

Michael and I have been invited to an exclusive event at the New England Aquarium being hosted by Pampers. The event is Saturday June 18 and we hope to see some of you there! The event is to bring 30 dads and dad bloggers together to network, socialize, and be recognized for their role in supporting others while generating awareness about the Pampers Miracles Campaign on Facebook. Pampers is celebrating their 50th anniversary by kicking off their Miracles Campaign which embraces 50 years of parenting and recognizes that every baby is a little miracle. They are trying to give 'little miracles' to families everywhere in the form of prizes like free diapers for a year and other really helpful things for parents. All year, Pampers will announce different tasks (or missions) on their Facebook page. With your commitment to support a little miracle in your life, Pampers will respond to touch the lives of many more! We will personally be taking part in some of these missions and doing what we can to provide families or families to be with little miracles! You should to! To participate in a Pampers Little Miracle Mission, you can visit Pampers Facebook page at