Pamper's Little Miracles Father's Day Cookout!

It's 5:30PM and the little one is down for a nap because she is so exhausted, we all are. We had a VERY busy morning! We were invited by our new friend C.C. Chapman to attend a exclusive Father's Day cookout being sponsored by Pamper's and their 50th Anniversary Little Miracles Campaign (which we wrote about here). It was a very fun day and we were honored to be among the 30 families invited.

We arrived a bit late due to the Bruins Parade taking place in Boston but got there just in time to partake in some Baby Yoga. Hendrix and Sierra were a bit nervous but with a little help from Dad and Dad we got our stretch on real quick.

Both hands to the toes!

Sierra looking at something, not sure what though. C.C. in the background working on his film which we are both going to be in and are very excited to see!

Here Hendrix is eating a fine delicacy: The Knuckle Sandwich.

Sierra pouting when we tried to get her to play the parachute game.

Sierra's beautiful mother, Lauren instagramming some photos.

I asked Michael and Henry to take a nice photo which they did. I asked Christian to do the same and did not get the same results (see next photo).

Whenever Christian is asked to take a photo you get a wonderful face like this, he's basically the most photogenic person I know, p.s. how awesome is the skull sweater?

After a bunch of fun games it was time to chow down on the meal provided by the NE Aquarium and Pampers.  Thanks guys!! Mmmmm.

The last activity before hitting the Aquarium was a raffle for some awesome prizes! Including a Tricycle, Movie Tickets and the Grand Prize of a Flip Ultra HD camcorder! When they asked for a child volunteer to pick the winners Sierra and I stepped right up. Guess who we picked to win the grand prize?

YEP! Michael and his family won the video camera! I assure you it was not rigged. Sierra is just a good picker I guess. She also picked some free IMAX movie tickets for mama and myself, who's babysitting?

After all the festivities outside it was time to head inside to check out the Aquarium. We have been before but it is always fun and the kids seem to enjoy it more and more each time. The first stop was the penguins which are always fun to watch swim and play.

Here Sierra is enjoying a close up view of some tropical fish. She kept saying "FISH! FISH!" and making her fishy face which we've been practicing for weeks now.

The NE Aquarium located in the heart of Boston only steps from the TD Bank North Garden was in full support of our hometown Bruins winning the cup as you can see from their Stanely Cup on the bottom of the fish tank! 

Look everyone, Michael has crabs!

I kid you not this is a real picture. Michael uses "6 to 8" sugars in his coffee... I tried telling him if he needs that much sugar perhaps he should switch to chocolate milk or apple juice. YUCK.

Next we headed to the seal tank which Sierra LOVED. 

We all had a wonderful time and were very tired by the end of the day!