What a DAD wants.

Dad DOES NOT want another tie, or a coffee mug, or any more photos of his kids printed and framed. These gifts are useful, cute, and always appreciated but they are not desired, its not what dad WANTS. I have always thought that both mothers and fathers day gifts should be selfish, it should be what mom and dad want, but don't NEED. This gift should make dad feel cool, it should speak volumes about what a fantastic job he does with his kids, his wife, his job, whatevs. The point of fathers day is to celebrate dad, to show him we know who he is and what he does and love him for it.

I have selected four gifts that I think would make dad (ME) stoked on life. For each gift there are two price points because, lets face it, we cant always get what we want, no no no no we cant! Yeah I'm quoting Yo Gabba Gabba, if you can too, or if you know how to do a french braid, or cook quinoa perfectly, know exactly what settings the washer needs to be on for cloth diapers, or you know the name of every baby in your kids play group, these gifts are for you!

Owle Bubo Iphone 4 kit  +  Q3HD by Zoom

The Owle Bubo Iphone 4 kit by ALM (Action Life Media)  is, hands down, my favorite in this list. The results you get from the high quality lens and microphone is phenomenal, check some samples on their site including footage from the Gumball 3000. They make two products that we are in love with, the Owle Bubo kit featured above and their EnCinema 35mm Adaptor, which allows you to use both Nikon And Canon lenses with the Bubo kit! Pretty phenominal right? If you hit up Vimeo for some samples of the EnCinema kit you will be scratching your head asking yourself how they got those images from an Iphone 4. ALM products are both cutting edge and inspire creativity in both the professional and amateur film-maker alike. I plan on using mine to capture memories for my family as well as document my DJ career as their products are versatile enough to rise to the occasion on both instances!

Here is a sample of the EnCinema and Bubo in action:

Into the Blue - iPhone & EnCinema & Owle Bubo Kit from \\Vid-Atlantic Media Prod on Vimeo.

And for those of you on a really tight budget, so basically 99.9 percent of you, might I suggest you pick up this movie, hook up a baby-sitter, and spend some "adult time" alone in the house with your mister. Who doesn't love a little "special attention", knowwhatimean?