What we did today!

The time is currently 10:15 PM on Saturday night and I figured now was as good as any to get some bloggin' done. It is very hot in Boston so I am cooling down with an adult beverage and a big fat air conditioner. Yesterday we had a VERY busy day; we went down the Cape to visit friends. For our readers who are not Massachusettsians', "down the Cape" means to drive to Cape Cod, which is a two hour drive from Boston. So after getting in very late last night we decided to take it easy today and just hang around our own hood. We started out by going to our standing Saturday brunch date with Aunty Kiki which was delicious as always (vegan french toast, home fries, bagels, tons of coffee and juice). After brunch it was nap time for the little one and Lauren and I got some apartment cleaning done. When Sierra woke up (after a very short nap) we headed to the community pool that is only a 3 minute walk from our apartment. We have never gone here before which I regret now as it was massive, very clean, not busy at all and a great time / way to cool down! We had a ton of fun and after we were all exhausted headed home and Sierra took a slightly longer nap while Mama and I got our LOST on and texted all our friends to plan a BBQ + Pool Party for tomorrow. When Sierra woke up from her nap it was already 5PM so we ate dinner and then headed to the local playground. So I hope you enjoyed my horribly written-late-night-what-we-did-today-run-on-sentence-blog-post. I am going to start writing a real blog post about what Lauren and I are calling "Disconnect Days" --- Goodnight everyone!!

- x.o. Craig @TheHipsterDad

saw this awesomeness on our walk to brunch:

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