WHAT'S NEW FRIDAY: Summer, Summer, Summer Time...

I just dropped Sierra off at daycare and am now sitting in my favorite coffee shop at 8:00 AM. They are playing Radiohead on the radio, the A/C is bumping and I am sipping on the largest iced coffee known to man, this is a good moment...

I wrote that a week or two ago with the intention of writing this long, thoughtfully written blog post about life... well, life is... BUSY! Hence only getting the first two sentences of that post finished, sorry about that! Although I am not in a coffee shop, I am finally sitting down for a few minutes to 'pen' some of whats been going on over here at Hipster Dad headquarters. I think I'll be doing these "What's New" posts every Friday from now on so let's get started:

WHAT'S NEW WITH US: So like I said, Sierra has left daycare for the summer and Lauren is temporarily a stay-at-home mom. I am still working my full time job and doing (almost) too much freelance to handle. It's finally warm here in Boston and we couldn't be happier. We have been hitting beaches, playgrounds, and cookouts like nobodies business. All three of us (and all of our friends) seem in general just happier which is nice. The New England sucks the happy right out of you in the winter! Here we are last Sunday in our "back yard".

We call this "Lazy Man's Cornhole" featuring the best bean bag return system ever! I swear she had a blast doing it, it wasn't forced or even requested! (Photo Stolen From Mom, Sorry!)

WHAT'S NEW WITH SIERRA: Over the past few months Sierra has transformed from my sweet little baby who's only two words were "mama" and "daddy" to an adventurous, giggly and talkative toddler. I wrote a post about this a few weeks back but I just wanted to write a little postscript if you will. Most changes in your child for the first two years are rather gradual, their size, their personality and taste in food. Other things are so fast it blows your mind, I often find myself saying "Where did you learn that?!" or "Did she just say Google!?". The games we play are getting more advanced, she's understanding everything we say and do and she's saying and repeating EVERYTHING. She wants to walk more than she wants to be held and she's taking bigger risks (running faster, bigger slides, stairs, etc). Yesterday on our walk home from the bus Sierra was in an amazing mood and just wanted to run and play even though it was nearing her bed time. I shot this little video along our walk and although only 10 or 15 seconds long I feel it really captures who she is as a little person. Her facial expressions, the way she runs, I don't know something about it is just perfect to me:

WHAT'S NEW WITH THE BLOG: The blog is doing well! We have reached 150+ followers on Google Connect in our first 3 months of blogging and look forward to seeing that number grow! We will be launching a brand new design with SPONSORS in the next month or two so keep an eye out for that! We hosted our first giveway last week and our next one should be live on Tuesday! Here's a hint to what it is:


OK everyone I am all blogged out, so like I said I am going to make a habit of these "WHAT'S NEW FRIDAY"'s and try to get Michael to some too! Feel free to give us a follow on the right, leave a comment with WHATS NEW with you and as always take two seconds to give us a vote on TBB, Thank you and I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled 4th! xo -C

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