"Happy Birthday Sierra" (a letter to my daughter)

Dear Sierra,

Two years ago today your Mother and I were in a hospital room awaiting your arrival. You came a couple of weeks sooner than we expected but that was just fine with us. After 21 hours you came into the world and instantly were laid upon your mothers chest and I laid down next to both of you. Seeing you for the first time was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The closest thing to putting in words the emotions that rushed through me the first time I held you is to say for the first time in my life I knew I had purpose.

The next two years went so fast I can hardly wrap my head around it. I have seen you go from a 6 pound 7.8 ounce infant who could barely open her eyes to a gorgeous six month who rolled all over the house and would chew on anything in sight. I remember when you turned one and all your friends and family gathered in a near by park in Somerville where we lived at the time. By that time you were already walking and playing. This is where your personality really started shining through.

The next year brought all sorts of changes. Our family moved and you got your own room and only wanted to sleep in your own room ever since. Even though it broke Mama and I's heart to give up co-sleeping we did because we think it's important for you to have choices. This would be one of the first big choices in a series of choices you have already made that have shaped who you are. From the clothes you wear and the food you eat to the toys you play with. You are opinionated, original and creative and I love that about you.

Today you are two. I find myself being struck with many different kinds of emotions, much like on the day you were born. The emotion that I am most overcome with though, is love. I love you. I love hearing you tell me you love me (which you do more and more these days). I love watching you paint and draw and make things out of Play-Doh. I love when you learn new words and I even love you when you then repeat that word 5,000 times in 10 minutes. I love when I say "Just one more book." and you hold your little fingers up and say "Two?" - I always give in. I love when you jump on me in the morning and I love when you learned to say "Soccer Ball". I love everything you do and are and I love you more and more each day. 


A quick snapshot taken of Sierra on her 2nd birthday. (photo by mom)