Happy Friday Everyone!

Michael and I have just been VERY busy lately and it's turned us into bad bloggers. Today makes a week without anything new (our longest stretch since starting!) and for that we're very sorry. Sierra's birthday is this weekend and Lauren and I have been swamped with cleaning our apartment, buying supplies, making cupcakes and all that other fun parenting stuff so it's been hard to find the time to get on here and write anything. I can hardly believe she's turning two! I will write a nice big post on that after the party which I'm sure will reduce me to tears (she's SO big now!!). The party is this Sunday and if you haven't seen my first post on it check here: http://goo.gl/xHeZm. So enough with the excuses and let me share some photos with you to hold you over until I can put some time together this weekend to write a real post!

A poster I made using my new favorite font. TGIF:

Some instagrams of our apartment:

Sierra and hendrix are destined to be married I swear (photo on the left by Just By Living!)

OK real post coming soon promise <3 -Craig