It's nearing the end of the Summer and soon Lauren will have to go back to work and Sierra back to daycare so we figured it was time to escape the city for a bit since soon enough we won't be able to. My Father, or as Sierra likes to call him "Papa" had some vacation time saved up so we planned a little road trip to visit my sister in Maine.

All morning we told Sierra how we were going to see Aunty Sherrie, Uncle Brian, Timmy, Lexi and Cora. She was so excited and running around the house screaming "CORRRA" "CORRRA". This was a mistake on our part - we've learned to not tell her anything about future plans until they happen as it's hard to explain to a toddler that plans have changed. Well, the plan was for my father to pick us up in Boston at noon on Saturday and for us to drive the three hours from Boston to Augusta, ME. That was the plan anyway.

The day started well enough, Papa arrived at noon as scheduled but let us know the car was acting up. The wheel was very difficult to turn but he was sure that it just needed some power steering fluid. I got behind the wheel and gave Papa a rest and we drove to a nearby Valvoline and got some fluid. It worked perfectly... for about 30 seconds until all the fluid came gushing out and we were right back where we started. After a trip to an AutoZone and a local mechanic we found out the car was in rough shape. In the mechanic's exact words it was a "Horribly Expensive Shitty Situation". It wasn't just the power steering, and it was actually dangerous to drive, "It could possibly catch fire" said the mechanic and with that Papa dropped us off back at home and made his dangerous one hour trek home. Once home safely he called every car rental business in the city and everywhere was either closed or had a "don't leave the state" rule. We were feeling rather defeated until Papa decided to call HIS Papa and we were back in business in Sierra's great grandfather's sedan. By the time Papa got back to Boston and we repacked the car we were on the road at about 6PM. 6 hours later than we had planned but at least the vacation was still on! 

In my infinite wisdom I told Papa "We don't need the G.P.S! I know how to get to Maine, we just take 93N the whole way!". Well a couple hours later and no signs for Maine Lauren says "Weren't we supposed to get off 93N at some point? Maybe we should turn the GPS on?". Once we turned it on we realized we had driven two hours already and still had 3 and a half to go. Whoops. Our 3 hour drive had quickly turned into a 6 hour drive (Thanks to me). Sorry everyone. Sierra was very well behaved for being in the car so long and eventually we made it. We arrived at about 11:30PM a little later than planned but at least we made it! We gave hugs and hellos and hit the sack. Hopefully our vacation gets better than our first day!

Even though our trip was longer than expected it was fun spending time with my family on an adventurous road trip. Somewhere in New Hampshire we saw this heart shaped cloud.