Sunday morning we got to sleep in! Sierra didn't wake us up until 9AM! After everyone woke up, got dressed and ate some breakfast we loaded up the truck, hitched the boat and headed to the lake. Last year we went out on the lake with Sierra when she was about 10 months old and she was less than enthused. This year was a whole new ball game. She begged to put her life vest on instead of fighting against it tooth and nail. Once we were on the lake she loved it and Uncle Brian even let her honk the horn and drive the boat. Once in the middle of the lake we killed the engine made some sandwiches and swam a little. Check out this cute 30 second video of our boat ride :-)

After a few hours on the lake everyone was very tired so we headed back to the house to cook up some dinner on the grill. We really wanted to have a fire in the yard with some drinks but it was POURING so we hit up a Red Box and had 'family movie night' after Sierra went to sleep. It was a wonderful day and night full of outdoors fun, good food and quality time spent with family.