JCPenney says "Girls are Stupid!"

Have you guys seen this? JCPenney put a shirt on sale for  Girls 7-16 that read: I'm Too Pretty to Do Homework So My Brother Has to Do It For Me. Wait what? YES you read right. How did this get past all of PR and Marketing and make it to their online store? The age group this was aimed for are at a critical time in their development of social skills, self esteem and self image and this shirt is sending a very wrong message. The blogosphere was ABLAZE with hate for JCPenney after this hit the web with parents and consumers sending complaints, tweets and even starting an online petition on All the hollering got them somewhere though as the shirt has since been pulled and is no longer available for purchase. I won't drone on about this as a thousand and one news sources and blogs have already written tons about it but I was just curious what you guys thought about it? -C