"Morning Guy" vs. "Night Guy" a.k.a. A Severe Case of the Mondays

DISCLAIMER: This post is a whiney one. Most likely I should have posted to my LiveJournal (I seriously still have one, judge me) or just kept it to myself but I figured why not bitch about my Monday online for all to see instead? Perhaps it will make you feel better about yours.

I am having a severe case of the Mondays. Ever consider having a few buddies over for some drinks and a friendly game of monopoly on a Sunday night? Well throw that idea right out the damn window if you have a toddler and/or job. Monopoly quickly went from friendly to a kaniving, back stabbing, wheeling' and dealing game of strategy (like it always does). Of course we never finished (like we never do) and we had more drinks than acceptable on a Sunday night. Somehow we then ended up all over the city on a photo shoot? I'm not talking Instagram© either, we had tripods, multiple cameras, etc.

After a trip to Newbury St, South Station and of course the South Street Diner for some late night coffee and food we got back well past 3:00 AM. Now a few years ago (pre-Sierra) I wouldn't have blinked an eye, I would have been up at 8 or 9 AM ready for the day. Well nowadays its more like up at 6AM and ready to rip somebody's head off! Ever see the Seinfeld skit about "Night Guy" and "Morning Guy"? Well right now I am Morning Guy and "I hate that Night Guy!"

“I never get enough sleep. I stay up late at night, cause I’m Night Guy. Night Guy wants to stay up late. ‘What about getting up after five hours sleep?’, oh that’s Morning Guy’s problem. That’s not my problem, I’m Night Guy. I stay up as late as I want. So you get up in the morning, you’re exhausted, groggy… oooh I hate that Night Guy!" - Jerry Seinfeld

Unfortunately when you're a daddy, ripping somebody's head off is not an option. Your only option is to suck it up and wake up, get dressed, get your toddler dressed and get your ass out the door by 7AM or else. Sierra decided to punish me for my ridiculous antics from the night before. First she refused to get dressed until she was tempted with a Halloween themed outfit including and orange tutu with cats on it. Then once finally outside she became hysterical when asked to sit in her "roller" (stroller) until she was temped with a bag of animal crackers (judge me). The punishment did not stop there, once we got to the coffee shop where we were given the wrong flavored bagel (#firstworldproblems) Sierra refused to eat even a bite. She did however chew it up to a nice sticky paste like consistency and then allow it to seep from her mouth between her teeth creating a lovely bagel colored stain on the front of her clean shirt (and on her elbow somehow?). From our seat to the door she realized Mama wasn't with us anymore and proceeded to lie on the floor and cry. After consoling her with hugs, kisses and animal crackers (judge me) she refused the stroller yet again and I had no will to protest this time around. It was actually for the best as we had a very pleasant and happy walk to daycare, where the punishment resumed. WE HAD A HORRIBLE DROP OFF. Tantrums galore. I'll spare you the gorey details but it wasn't pretty. To top it off? I missed my bus and am now typing this on the later bus which will get me to work a good 30 minutes late. 

Although the morning was rather dreadful I honestly did have a great time last night. I don't get to see my friends from back home often and it was nice of them to drive all the way into the city and spend the day with my family and I. Thanks for reading, as a reward here are some of the photos I shot. -Craig