September Giveaway: 3 Mustache Pacifiers from Stache Bash!

As some of you may know Lauren and I have weened Sierra of her “beebee” a.k.a. binky. We decided to ween because she is talking a lot more now and we were worried always having the thing in her mouth may stunt her development, not to mention it was making it difficult for us to understand her! When she stopped it was a bitter-sweet moment. I was glad I could make out what she was saying but it was a little piece of her “baby-hood” that went away. The second the big green Soothie© was not around she began looking more child like instead of like my little baby.
So although my little baby is now a grown up talking big girl I’m sure some of you lucky bastards (i mean wonderful readers) have tiny little babies who would love these! They are hand made by a small company in Cleveland, Ohio, started by our pal Amanda Bowen, called STACHE BASH. She just opened her Etsy store a few months ago and these things have been selling like hot cakes! They are hand-knit little mustaches that are stitched right onto the binky! Now your baby too can rock the “Hulk Hogan” or the “Goatee”. We have three of these adorable guys to giveaway even if your child is too old they make a great finishing touch to a baby shower gift or birthday present!
We have three of these bad boys to giveaway so for the first time on our blog there will be multiple winners! You can enter up to two times for the chance to win either the “Classic”, the “Goatee” or the “Folk Singer”. Good luck everyone!
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