Thursday Tunes #02b New DJ Shadow + Diplo videos!

So I couldn't let Craig have all the fun with this! I am going to put this out there first though, I have 2 tracks I cant get out of my head that could not be further from what Craig posted!

The first is from one of my biggest inspirations musically, one of the few djs/producers that constantly re-invents himself and always pushes the envelope: DJ Shadow. The track appeals to the tropical bass loving side of me that has started to overcome anything and everything I have been listening to/playing as of late. DJ Shadow Ft. Afrikan Boy - I'm Excited is an aural and visual experience to say the least, I hope this direction is one he plans on exploring in more detail because this song and video is bonkers!

DJ Shadow Ft. Afrikan Boy - I'm Excited from Ian Pons Jewell on Vimeo.

The second track comes from moombahton pioneers: Dillan Francis and Diplo, with a video from the most artistically gifted and creatively inspiring friend I have: Lil Internet aka Julian Foxworth of Karmaloop (who also did all the styling). The moombahton sound is definitely not for everyone but I'm into it. After seeing what has become of dubstep lately its fun discovering a new sound that borrows from so many genres and has such a global feel.

Que Que - Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca from Mad Decent on Vimeo.