Thursday Tunes v3

Hey! Michael here back with a third edition of Thursday Tunes! This week I have 3 tracks that are in heavy rotation right now, the first two are on the grime/uk tip and the third is an absolutely ethereal track that I GUARANTEE every one of you will love, if you dont already. I am obsessed with the vocals and the thick, warm bass-line in this one. Actually, screw it, I am posting that track first!

This video is badass, aside from the fact that HER BAND IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! I have seen live videos with the full band and they are fantastic, not sure whey she is the only one featured, aside from the fact that SHE is the focus and maybe her band is a bunch of sessions musicians? Someone google that quick! Regardless, they remind me of a more mature version of Shiny Toy Guns who, by the way, got Carah Faye back!

This second track comes from D Double E and is called Lyrical Farda, his flow is always on point and I have been rocking his stuff in my sets since the release of Street Fighter!

Ok the third and final track, 'Streets So Warm', is from another UK artist, Toddla T featuring Wayne Marshall and my all time favorite dubstep artist, Skream. I swear I should have been born in East London! This track comes at you with some heavy claps, thick stabs,  and jumps off with that type of swag that makes you do that shoulder sway, enjoy because the streets so warm!

Here is a little bonus from Ellie Goulding, the Tonka remix of Guns and Horses, heavy rotation in my sets at fashionably late!

Ellie Goulding - Guns and Horses (Tonka remix) by bangnmash