Tiny Threads


Shirt: "I'm Vegan and I Love You" Tee from The Herbivore Clothing Company (gift from Aunty Jeisa) - $15.00

Cardigan: The Infant Tri-Blend Rib Cardigan from AmericanApparel - $16.50

Snack: HappyTot Organic Superfoods Pouch - 99¢ average

Leggings: Baby Gap Tuxedo Leggings - $14.95

Shoes: Converse Lo-Top Chuck Taylors hand me down from our friend Tina over at Monkey and the Bug


Shirt: Pinpoint Oxford Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt from American Apparel - $54.00

Cardigan: Cotton Cardigan from H&M - $14.95

Jeans: Drain jeans from H&M cut into shorts - So old I can't remember the price