What's in the bag?

Backpack (aka diaper bag) courtesy American Apparel

Ever look at someones diaper bag and wonder what's in there? People probably carry around the craziest stuff with them, most of which is just added weight and will never be put to use! I know from time to time I will clean out Hendrix's bag and ask myself how I ended up with such a random assortment of gadgets both baby, and non-baby related.  Well, here it is, the contents of our diaper bag. Aside from wipes, which I couldn't fit into the photo without making it look too jumbled, this is what was inside of the bag this morning. 

A. Battery charger for our Canon 40D
B. The "nifty fifty" 50mm 1.4 lens (really sweating the gorgeous Sigma 20mm 1.8 EX)
C. Iphone 4 w/Incase cover
D. Bum Genius cloth diaper, 2 years strong and these things are as good as the day we bought them!
E. Sanyo Xacti HD handheld camera, a bit outdated but does the job! Check out this guy, probably      our next purchase.  
F. Ziplock baggie, perfect wet-bag for cloth diapers.
G. Nico-Nico tank, softest ever!!
H. American Apparel sweater.
I. Random Pokemon instert/flyer/junk...thanks Christian!
K. Cool dude shades for Hendrix, not sure of the origin.
L. 8gb SanDisk drive complete with osx install partition and emergency DJ set. 
M. Christians goggles, aka the key to a good beach/pool trip.
N. Flyer for upcoming Providence Open Market, we <3 PVD (I dont think we ended up going! HAH)
O. Plum organics - mish mash, seriously good, seriously healthy, serious life-saver!
P. Aveeno Baby sun screen, see also very interesting thing for H to hold on to and cry for.
Q. EMPTY CREAMER CUPS!! Another must-have for my strange child, he collects them.
R. Bunny Fruit! (not really for bunnies)
S. Aveeno face sun screen so dad can keep looking young for mom, and his fans...clearly.
T. Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen face-stick
U. Playdate info cards for Hendrix, he takes that ish seriously!
V. Emergency pre-paid credit card! You never know when you are going to have an emergency sushi craving and you forgot your wallet at home. Or you are like me and don't carry a wallet, which means you forgot to dig all your worldly belongings out of yesterdays trousers.

Thats it! I will do another one of these as the weather changes and we switch to a winter bag, in the meantime, whats in your bag?