Why dont you take a picture, it will last longer!

I just uploaded a little under 4gbs of photos and videos to my imac, adding to the over 500gb's we already have (before you start to judge, 1080p HD video takes up a lot of space!). What was I shooting most of the time? My kids and my wife, the subjects of choice 99.9 percent of the time. Have you ever gotten shit from friends or heard someone complain about people with children taking too may photos of them? Especially with newborns, they just sit there, why take photos over and over again?

here the boys are kicking it in their bathing suits after a long beach day.

I had never really thought about this until about an hour ago, while I was putting Hendrix to bed. He was nose to nose with me, hands clutched behind my head. His soft breath was tickling the side of my face but he had JUST fallen asleep so moving was not an option. I was thinking I wished I could capture how I felt right then and there, how I did not want to forget how I felt at that moment.

Adriana was away for three days this week on a buying trip to Manhattan with Tina from Stels/Monkey and the bug. Going into her being away I had a lot of anxiety over putting Hendrix to bed without her, without breastfeeding more then anything. The end result: tons and tons of bonding time with just me and my baby boy, in the midst of which I ended up buying a new camera, lighting rig, and grip. This meant, more photos, more video!! Which brings me back to my point, why do we take so many damned pictures of our kids? The answer is simple, its not because we are trying to capture a moment, an image, a perfect combination of shutter speed and apeture, its a feeling, a perfect feeling. We are pointing that camera and trying to grab a visual reminder of how we felt in that moment, which is damned near impossible. Modern cameras create massive images that can be blown up to epic proportions, not nearly as epic, as massive, as all consuming as our love for our children.

So thats it, the reason why I have thousands and thousands of photos of my kids that may evoke an "awww he is adorable" or a "your son is so precious I could look at photos of him all day" but to me, to us, to parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, step mothers and brothers, these images represent a feeling inside of us, a common bond that we all share. Chances are its that very same bond that brought you to this blog, well that, or the fact that its run by two damned handsome men. Either way, feel free to shoot away, post your photos and spread the love, especially here, this is a judgment free zone because Craig and I are as guilty as you are!