Daddy Does Chicago: Day 1

It is 8:45 PM and I am sitting in a hotel room in downtown Chicago. Why you may ask? Recently I accepted a new job and as part of your first few weeks they send you to Chicago for an orientation program for one full work week. While I am happy that this new job provides more money for my family and I it is difficult to be away from your family about a week. I know we will survive it but it's not easy explaining to a toddler why daddy is going to be MIA for a week.

I'm sure she'll be fine, but will I ?!?!?! I'll keep you guys posted.

Some iPhone photos I snapped form the plane.
Left: Bye Bye Boston / Right: Hello Chicago

I brought one of Sierra's toys with me to keep me company. I dont think he has a name but I'm thinking we'll call him "Chicago" from now on.

Wish me luck guys <3 -Craig

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