Happy Friday Everyone!

Hello all,

Sorry we haven't been posting as much lately but we've both just been SO busy with work, the holidays, etc. Anyyywayyyy I am sitting in my living room supposed to be getting some work done but just can't focus so figured I'd take a mental break and write in here. Yesterday was a wonderful Thanksgiving for us. We decided to do it small and just stay home and have Thanksgiving with just the three of us. Lauren cooked an entirely vegan Thanksgiving and it was amazing. I won't go into the details of what we had but there is a nice Instagram picture below.

As cheesy as it is Thanksgiving really does bring out the "thankfulness" in people. I am one of the luckiest people I know. I have been blesses with a caring family, great friends and many other things in my life. To all the people I love (you know who you are) I can not appreciate you enough and can never repay you for all you've ever done for me.

Like I said I am working from home today for a bit but then we are heading to Providence to hangout with the other 1/2 of The Hipster Dad and his family. Maybe we'll take some cutesey photos and post here tomorrow :-)

Happy Holidays everyone! My early New Years resolution is to keep this blog up to date, promise <3 -Craig

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