I have a Love / Hate Relationship with technology!

On one hand I am a graphic designer who reads TechCrunch, Engadget and Mashable. I have owned every apple product in the past 10 years and use them every single day. On the other hand I love "old stuff" meaning I have a nice hifi stereo  instead of a TV, my book collection heavily outweighs my movie collection and I even tried to institute a Disconnect Day for my family. There is nothing I hate more than when I am talking to a friend and realize they aren't answering me anymore so I look over at them and low and behold they are on Twitter or Instagram. It's like "HELLO! I'M RIGHT HERE A REAL HUMAN BEING!!!". But I can't lie, I'm just as guilty of doing the same to others. I feel we miss out on (real) life because we are so immersed in the digital lives we all lead. It's just setting priorities and finding that balance I feel we all struggle with. I do LOVE aspects of the "connectedness" of the technology though, it's not all bad and evil. While sometimes it makes us disconnected from our friends and families, other times it can have the complete opposite effect. Recently I went to Chicago for work and got to see and hear my family "face to face" because of this technology.

Sierra's grandparents live an hour away so although we visit often it's nice to catch up in between visits. We call at least once a week, but sometimes it's nice to send videos and on occasion we even video chat. Yes my Mom can video chat! Just like the Apple iPad commercials! Sierra loves doing it! Here is a cute video we sent last week:

So this post wasn't saying much, it was more of an declaration of how I feel: I love and hate technology. Or perhaps, I love it but I wish I hated it? I don't know. Anyway what do you guys think? Do you find your friends and family more or less disconnected now that we have smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or do you like me see it both ways? Would love to know how you and your family find that balance. Let me know! -Craig

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