Sierra is SICK! No not in the good way either :-(

Tuesday morning I dropped Sierra off at daycare and the first thing she did was say "My belly hurts" and want to lie down on the couch. I covered her with a blanket kissed her and told our day care provider that if she wasn't feeling well to call me and I'd come get her.

Well 30 minutes later and halfway to work I get a call "Sierra has vomited twice already you need to come get her" so I hopped back on the subway and headed back in the oppisite direction. I walked in scooped her up and she seemed happy / fine. While trying to put her boots on BLARGHHHHHH all over my jeans, shirt, coat and backpack. Nice. So I clean her up and we head home and spend the rest of the day alternating between throwing up, sleeping and snuggling. Poor baby.

The worst part is all she wanted to do was sleep but every twenty minutes she was throwing up so she couldn't stay asleep. Vomiting herself awake. Eventually she was able to stay asleep long enough to actually get some rest thankfully. After a long nap she woke up and I tried giving her some Pedialyte and saltines but she couldn't hold it down.

I feel so awful - theres nothing I can do! Nothing worse than feeling helpless when your little one is feeling so terribly. Today Mama stayed home with her and from the texts / tweets I've been getting she doesn't seem to be doing much better. We called the doctor earlier so hopefully we hear back.

Wish Sierra luck in beating this stupid stomach bug! -Craig