Weekend in review. (Instagram Style)

So we had a busy weekend complete with visits to grandparents, hang outs with some good friends and even a punk rock show. Fun was had by all <3 -Craig

Descriptions under the photos!

1. Sierra is feeling under the weather again! She has a vicious cough that won't let up and doesn't want to do much besides lie around, snuggle or sleep :-(

2. On Sunday we had No Problemo for lunch which is an amazing little burrito shop in Downtown New Bedford (My hometown! Which we visited this weekend).

3. That street sign reads "SUMMER ST." and is on the corner of where I grew up  in New Bedford.

4. Daddy celebrated getting a long weekend with a bit of Maker's Mark on Friday evening :-)

5. Family Movie Night or should I say "Family Toy Story Night" as thats all Sierra ever wants to watch.

6. Sierra getting her PB&J on at Gramma's house (who creates "Smuckables" (aka Uncrustables from scratch instead of buying them! Mo Betta!)

7. My new favorite coffee mug from Solstice Skateboarding in New Bedford. Support your local shop!! BUY HERE

8. Michael and his son Christian getting their adorable on this morning.

9. Hendrix LOVING his new cat 2 Pac Shacat. (Im not joking thats really its name)

10. Sierra wanted to drive home (we didn't let her)

11. My Dad, myself and my grandmother sharing a big group hug on our visit to her this weekend.

12. Hendrix and Christian sharing some robotic brotherly love.