Weekend in review.

We had a lovely weekend. It was over too quickly unfortunately but here's a little of what we did. What did you do?

We started our weekend a little early and went out Thursday evening for "First Thursdays", a night once a month when galleries have new show openings. We started the night out at the Aviary Gallery, a great little art gallery / boutique in Jamaica Plain right off of Centre St. The show was "Process Objects and Instrumentation", Homemade instruments and paintings by Jason Sanford. It was a really nice show and Sierra fell in love with a little painting of a cellphone.

After Aviay we headed over to Yes.Oui.Si, Boston's multi-sensory exhibition space. The opening there was named "The Salon" and featured an artist that I graduated with from MassArt, Kira Leigh - Congrats Kira! There were 5 other artists along with Kira and the show was awesome. If you live in the area make sure you see it before it comes down March 9. Sierra was very interested in this little circular painting.

After work on Friday we had planned to meet up with a great friend and artist named Toai and do First Fridays, same as First Thursdays but on Friday go figure. Unfortunately Sierra was not feeling up to it so Toai and I adventured out just the two of us. We went to The Harrison Ave Galleries which is virtually a strip mall full of galleries, vintage markets and  cafes. It's awesome. So although it was a bummer Lauren and Sierra couldn't come with - it was nice seeing an old friend for a nice night of free wine, pretzels and art.

These "The Next One Will Be So Much Better" paintings by Joe Zane were by far my favorite pieces of the evening. So awesome:

Saturday morning we went to brunch with our good pals Liz (http://www.lizisfoodie.com) and Stephen at the Otherside Cafe. The Otherside is the best place to grab a bite in the city w/ vegan / meat-eater combos. Delicious for all involved! Stephan and Liz are both old co-workers of mine so it's great to catch up once in awhile as I don't see them as often anymore! Plus vegan ranchero breakfast is pretty awesome. You may also want to check out online culinary classes for tips on how to create your own vegan ranchero breakfast!

Sierra took this photo ^ (she's been obssessed w/ "take pick-churrs" lately.

After brunch we headed down to New Bedford to visit my grandmother who isn't feeling so hot. We figured a visit from her awesome grandson and awesome-er great grand daughter would cheer her up! I think it worked even though we did get the "Are you married yet? Please do the right thing for Jesus" speech - but that's OK she rules anyway. Her house is a treasure chest to any antiquer by the way. Check out her awesome kitchen (pics by Lauren of course that antique hound!).

After visiting with mémé we headed to my parents, ate dinner and headed back to Boston where Sierra went quickly to sleep and Lauren and I had a few drinks to unwind and listened to Brand New and Taking Back Sunday like we were 16. All in all a pretty great day.

Top Picture: Us sitting in the car for 30 minutes outside my parents house because Sierra was napping and we didn't want to wake her hah.
Bottom Left: A piece of my parents house
Bottom Right: Sierra playing with her Valentine's Day Gift from Gramma & Papa <3

Sunday morning we woke up watched Newcastle United beat Aston Villa 2-1 and take 5th place in the Premier League (WHAT! I COULD WALK ON AIR RIGHT NOW) and then Lauren and Sierra headed to Nana & Pépé's while I stayed home to get some work done before we headed out to our friend's Andre & Liz's house in Newton for some Super Bowl action. (That was the best run on sentence I have ever written!)

By "Super Bowl Action" I mean tons of baby kisses...

Sierra loves Eila! You should too follow her Mom and Dads blog at http://husbandwifebaby.wordpress.com !!! ADORABLE.

Sierra decided the sour cream (vegan) and hummus was just for her? Needless to say we got to bring the hummus home after she stuck her entire fist into it... Whoops.

Here are the men watching the game... 

And here are the girls 'watching' the game... Could we be any more stereotypical? Whoops.

I may add Liz actually does watch football I just caught her on an off moment. I may also add she is a New Yorker and wanted the Giants to win...

Her husband Andre? Not so much... this is him drowning his Super Bowl loss sorrows in beer, guacamole and twitter... Boo Giants!

Well that was our weekend. Hope you had as much fun as we did! xo -Craig