It's official: My kid likes going to daycare.

In September we left the big daycare center we were at and switched to a small home daycare. You can read about the transition here. We noticed an instant change in "drop off time" from everyday ( for nine whole months): screaming / crying / pleading for us not to go to bearable half and half ratio of happy & upset (an improvement in my book!). Well March was the month. March was the month where everyday she is happy to go, says "Bye bye Daddy have a good day, Love you!" and waves as I exit with no issues what so ever. It's been a solid three weeks without one tear at drop-off. I don't pick her up at 3 but from what Lauren tells me it's gotten to the point where she doesn't even want to leave! On the weekends she randomly sings a song that goes something like "Gabbbbbie Maggggggie Gabbbbbie Maggggggie" and tells us she loves them. (Gabby is Sierra's daycare provider and Maggie is the other little girl at daycare). 

I am overjoyed that Sierra is in a place where she's feels happy, comfortable and loved. GO SIERRA! -Craig

In honor of my little independent woman here is today's Thursday Tunes: