Restaurant Review: Ayur-Shri (Way kid friendly!)

So I don't normally "review" restaurants but we had such an amazing experience tonight I felt compelled to let you know about it. If you live anywhere near the southcoast of Massachusetts you need to check out Ayur-Shri. It is a cute little Indian restaurant on Route 6 in Dartmouth Massachusetts near New Bedford. Whenever we visit my parents in New Bedford it's a constant issue of where we can eat as NB isn't the most vegan-friendly place in the world. We normally end up at No Problemo Taqueria which is AWESOME but it's nice to mix it up sometimes. Not only was Ayur-Shri really delicious and authentic Indian food that's on par with pricey places we've tried in Boston it's also WAY KID FRIENDLY!!!

We walked in on a Saturday night at 8 PM with our family and our BFFs Uncle Will & Aunty Jill and instead of being met with eye rolls we were asked if we'd like to sit in the "family room". We were not forced it was a choice which was nice! Of course we took them up and were directed through the dark restaurant to a small room with four or five tables in a well lit back room. We were far enough from the regular dining room that we didn't feel self conscious about Sierra's giggling or Tozzle playing. Not only was the family room an awesome accommodation but without asking they brought her a small plate, small spoon and a paper cup w/ lid and straw. The waitress was patient, nice and very attentive despite being in a back room with no other customers.

Some photos I stole from their website since like I said we went pretty late and it was dark.
Being kid friendly was totally the winner for me at Ayur-Shri but in addition they are also super vegan friendly. They had a clearly marked vegetarian section on the menu and also had little icons indicating which things had dairy in them and also another icon stating "Can be made dairy free upon request".

My dinner + my beer :-) BOTH AWESOME!

Like I said this is not a restaurant review website but I felt the need to let anyone in that area who has kids (or perhaps vegetarian / vegan diet restrictions) know that they should totally check this place out for a great night out with your family full of great food, awesome service and 0% scowls at your loud toddler! -Craig