From Troy to Boston: Adeline's Daddy & Family come for a visit!

If you guys aren't familiar with the awesome daddy blog "Adeline's Daddy" you need to get on that. I stumbled upon Don's blog soon after beginning this one (about a year ago) and we began corresponding regularly about graphic design, parenting and just general chit-chat. Over the past 6 months we've became really good (internet) friends and talk daily. After many conversations about it, Don and his beautiful family drove down from New York to Boston for a possibly exciting new chapter in their life but also to finally meet in the flesh and take our bromance to the next level. Kidding about the bromance part..... sort of.

So at around 6:00 Don, Rachel and Addy came over and it felt like seeing old friends even though we had never really met. Hugs all around and after a few "let me feel you out" moments the girls were running around and playing together while the adults sat and chatted about their trip and upcoming week. It was a wonderful night filled with some drinks, delicious food from Veggie Galaxy and lots of laughs.

Can't wait for the rest of the week & truly happy to have met such great new friends. -C

The girls getting their art and tea on! It was too much cute to handle.

p.s. Don also blogged about our first meet up: READ HIS BLOG POST HERE.