From Troy to Boston: Adeline's Daddy & Family come for a visit! -- PART 2

So meant to post this last week but life got int he way so here we go! So on day two of "Don Does Massachusetts" we explored some neighborhoods so they could get a feel for the different parts of Boston. We checked out Back Bay, Brookline and a few other places. I won't bore you make you jealous with the details but here are some cute photos from the day! It was a lovely day shared with new pals and we miss them already! -Craig

(p.s. If you missed part 1 read here!)

For lunch we went to one of our favorite spots The Otherside Cafe which sadly is closing in less than 20 days! Glad Don, Rachel and Addy got to try it out before it closes it's doors. Here are Sierra and Addy enjoying some cucumbers and sunnies:

Here is Don on double swing duty for the girls. I die from the cuteness.

Sierra shredding up the playground!

Rachel taking a nice picture while Addy is eyeing the boys on the basketball court.

Addy enjoying the sandbox.

Apparently my daughter is half puppy and enjoys the feel of the open air on her tongue?

ACTION SHOT! Best part of the photo is Rachel's face.

She used to be frightened of this bridge and here she is enjoying it for the first time (with a little help of course!)