A thank you note to Mama.

It's 10:05 PM and I am currently nursing a sore face (with a beer) due to being kicked by my loving daughter. I wanted to write a quick thank you note to my loving and caring partner. She normally handles bedtime as Sierra is still nursing but she was feeling pretty under the weather today so she tagged me in to get Sierra down for the count tonight. After 7 stories, including three different OLIVIA books Sierra got up and ran out of her room to our room and jumped into bed with Lauren. Lauren was OK with it but eventually I got Sierra again and tried to lie down with her on the couch with all our pillows, blankets, loveys and even a foot tall stuffed owl. Well after a few moments she was on the search again for Lauren who even in her "I'm about to vomit" state took her and tried again. I decided to do some dishes when 10 minutes later I was greeted by a laughing, running and jumping toddler at 9:45 PM, which is an hour past the time she's normally sleeping. At this point I was beginning to lose my patience and scooped her up and brought her into her bed, layed down with her and said "It is bed time we are going to sleep!" to which she began screaming MAMA!! MAMA!! and began kicking. Enter Super Mama who in 5 minutes flat got Sierra happy AND sleeping. I think I'm a pretty good Dad but there's a thing or two (or fifty) I could learn from Sierra's Mom who is never without patients or love for her baby girl neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness (or a "im about to vomit" moment) will be deterred from being a good Mom.

Thanks You Lauren. Truly.

WHO ME??!?!?