INTERVIEW with Honest Toddler (@HonestToddler)

So unless you live under a rock you've probably heard of "Honest Toddler" by now. If not Honest Toddler is a twitter account that is apparently run by a child with a big attitude and comedic wit to match. His profile reads "Not potty trained. Not trying." which is what my own kid's twitter account would read if she had one.

With just under 400 tweets since May this toddler has already gained a following of 13,000+ and was nice enough to answer some questions for us over the weekend. So enjoy the interview and if you don't already follow him to do here. Also follow his blog here.

THD: So when did you start Honest Toddler and was there any specific catalyst for doing so? 

HT: On May 1stish. My catalyst was not having an outlet to express myself. Mommy & me art classes are apparently too much to ask.  

THD: You now have over 13,000+ followers! Did you expect it to get so popular so quickly?

HT: No I didn't. But most everything I do is met with thunderous applause from my parents so I'm not surprised. 

THD: With so many followers I assume you get a lot of feedback. Have you ever received anything that was especially rememberable, good or bad? (hate mail, fan mail, etc.)

HT: Someone asked my mom to stop drinking. She laughed and took another (big) sip. 

THD: So I have to ask... Who are you when you aren't portraying the sassiest / funniest toddler on the Internet?

HT: Running, fighting invisible ninjas, unwrapping sanitary napkins, not eating, relieving myself, sleeping-ish, crying, laughing uncontrollably, and hurting myself. 

THD: Tell us a bit about your family.

HT: I have two parents, their ages are unknown. Most people don't know that I actually do have a sibling who I prefer not to talk about. This child is older and quite rude/selfish. 

THD: Honest Toddler's tweets are told from the perspective of a toddler w/ a Stay at Home Mom – is this from experience? 

HT: I don't understand the question so I'm going to say yes. 

THD: What does Honest Toddler want to be when he grows up?

HT: Trucks. 

THD: What are Honest Toddler's top 3 favorite childrens books?

HT: Bluberries for Sal (with no pages skipped), anything Eric Carle, and Strega Nona (that witch is crazy!)

Do you make up all of the tweets or do your followers sometimes email you ideas?

HT: I make them up. 

THD: I noticed you started blogging in addition to the tweets over at which is awesome. Do you have any other plans for the project in the future?

HT: This afternoon I plan to open the fridge 7 or 8 times. 

What are your top 3 favorite twitter accounts (or blogs) to follow?

Weird Horse, Bad Luck Brian, Condescending Wonka :)