My child is a cookieholic.

Let me set the scene for you. We're all sleeping in the same bed (yes just like a butcher knife) and Sierra begins to cry, aka be an alarm clock, at around 7AM. I rub my eyes and look at her and she says, in a whimper, "I need a cookie...". This is the very first thing she said to me that morning. Just like an alcoholic who wakes up and the first thing they think of is "I need a drink...".

How did this happen?! How did I let my child become a cookieholic! She's vegan, she eats and loves veggies and sees blueberries, strawberries and frozen bananas as dessert treats. Somehow, somewhere she had her first cookie (cough Grammas house cough) and that was it - she was hooked. I have no scientific evidence to back it up but i swear theres something in toddler DNA that says: "You must love cookies, jelly beans and anything else that may give you a cavity just by smelling it". Is anyone else's kid a cookieholic? Perhaps we can start a support group?

Disclaimer: My kid is actually extremely healthy, especially for her age. Cookies, candy, etc are all very limited and are treats not daily parts of her diet. The post was more of a joke than anything else don't want all you internet peeps thinking my kid is a walking cookie dumpster. Although the part about "i need a cookie..." being her first words one morning is 100% true.