The Toddler Tip of the Day : "Never Tell Toddlers Plans in Advance"

Sierra is napping right now and when she wakes up we are meeting up with Michael, Adriana and Hendrix for a day at the Zoo... and she has no idea. This is a strategic move from Team Parents because although she is insanely smart she can not comprehend a change of plans. For example, if Michael & Adriana's car breaks down, a freak snow storm in June or if the Zoo has to close on account of all of the animals have escaped. If plans change we are in MELTDOWN mode for the rest of the afternoon and I try to avoid those type of afternoons at all costs. I have learned this the hard way so heed my warning friends. I don't tell her plans unless I am 1000% sure they are happening, meaning I will tell her when we are on the way there and I am certain the animals have not escaped.

Call it silly but this has saved us from many of toddler tantrums because friends suddenly had to head back home or something was closed unexpectedly. So thats my toddler tip of the day. Trust me on this one! If you have any toddler tips let me know! -Craig