Happy 3rd birthday Ashley & Autumn!

This past weekend we headed down to New Bedford (my hometown) to visit my parents and celebrate my twin nieces 3rd birthdays. The party was being held at the Freetown / Fall River State Forest which has big open green spaces, a wading pool with sprinkler for the children and space to just hang around and grill. The twins second birthday was in the same park last year and we somehow managed to end up IN the forest driving around boulders, roots, on grass and dirt paths. It was a horrific ordeal that ended with needing police assistance, feel free to read about it here. Unlike last year we made it to the party on time and forest-less with the help of GPS, iPhones and hand written instructions.

It was an awesome day with full of laughs, good weather and family. We also killed it on the gift giving front. We even got a text later that night that Autumn was going to sleep still wearing hers (see below).

I love seeing Sierra and her cousins play, laugh and grow together. It's been a fast and exciting three years and Sierra, Ashley and Autumn are quickly becoming the best of friends.

Watching the girls excitement over their cakes was so awesome and even better was watching Autumn start to dig into the whole cake with a fork! I may have egged her on :-). Sorry Aunty Alison!

Here is the original Hipster Dad, my Father.

Here is my mother playing with Autumn's new clock with Lily and Sierra.

All the toys in the world but Autumn and Sierra decided to get filthy and play in the dirt for a solid 35 minutes. It's so fun watching them play together.

Here is Autumn with one of her gifts; a slap watch bracelet. This little girl is OBSESSED with clocks of all kinds. She has a pretty big collection already and now she has one she can easily carry around with her at all times. :-)