Home Improvement!

I have been on such a home improvement kick lately! I started by getting rid of the ugly, faded and just old looking off white in our living room and bathroom and replaced it with a bright "true turquoise" in the bathroom and a "golden yellow" in the living room. It brightened up both rooms and I LOVE it.

Next up was this awesome vintage dresser we got for Sierra off of Craigslist. It came as a ugly tan color and we went with Behr's "Cozumel" teal to give it a more fun child like look for her bedroom. I'm going to get brassy house numbers and tack on 1 - 5 on the vertical drawers sort of like this. Also considering painting that rectangle on the long door with chalkboard paint. Good idea or bad?

I don't know whats next but I'm excited to make our home feel more like our own and just a nice warm place to be. Have you been doing any home improvements? Any ideas for what I could do to brighten up our little Bostonian apartment even more? Hope you all had a lovely weekend! -Craig