Keith Haring + Urban Outfitters + OBEY... a match made in hypocritical HELL!!!

So OBEY & Urban Outfitters have teamed up to release a series of Keith Haring branded clothing. If using an artists work that he didn't create with the intention of mass consumerism wasn't bad enough Urban Outfitters' Founder/CEO is Richard Hayne, an outspoken anti-gay / gay-marriage conservative who's donated money to people like Rick Santorum to name one.

For anyone who doesn't know; Keith Haring was an amazing artist who was openly gay and died of complications from AIDS.  The Keith Haring Foundation statement is "to sustain, expand, and protect the legacy of Keith Haring, his art, and his ideals".  His ideals? Really?! Now you see why I believe OBEY and The Keith Haring Foundation's choice to do this collaboration with a company who's founder and president is anti-gay and gay rights is a pretty insane decision and certainty not a good way of expanding Keith's legacy and ideals. Keith Haring must be rolling over in his grave. Either theres something I'm missing or this was just a horrific oversight by all involved.

p.s. I looked extensively to find reasoning behind the decision and found nothing. Also couldnt find anything saying any of this money is going to anything good - but I assume it has to be not that it would makes it a hell of a lot better. -Craig


OBEY x Keith Haring from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.