Our weekend via Instagram ♥ v.3

So this weekend was SWELTERING hot in Boston (as it was across the nation it seems) but we had a fun weekend and managed to stay cool with cookouts, water balloon fights with friends and of course our trusty air conditioner.

On Friday we had our weekly Family Movie Night and watched Matilda (streaming on Netflix right now BTW). For 6 months I've been wanting to paint some rooms, fix things around the house, get new furniture, etc but kept using the excuse "We may move! I don't want to bother doing X Y Z if we're going to move in 6 months!". Well we decided we're staying for another year so I have no more excuses. So this week I bit the bullet and started getting shit done including Saturday morning when I finished painting our bathroom from a boring white to a fresh clean "True Turquoise". After the painting adventure we drank our weight in coffee and then drove over to our local YMCA and finally signed up like we've been talking about doing for months! After a very productive morning we drove out to Milford, MA to enjoy a cookout with some of Lauren and I's friends. Unfortunately Sierra felt sick the whole time and just wanted to lie around on our friends couch :-(. Sunday she was still feeling under the weather so we had a snuggle in bed and watch Toy Story kind of day + Mama let me escape for a few hours to watch the Euro Cup Final too heh. Once she was asleep Lauren and I decided to have some drinks and continue our home makeover kick by painting our living room from a gross off white to a awesome bright yellow! All in all a pretty low-key weekend but got a lot done and saved up our energy for a busy 4th of July week coming up.

Even though Instagram decided to be down for a decent part of the weekend Lauren and I managed to snap some cute pictures. Enjoy. -Craig