A Great Morning.

Good morning everyone. I'm on the bus right now and figured it would be a good time to write a quick note  about how my morning was the complete opposite of yesterday. It went perfectly. Sierra not only slept until my alarm went off she let me hit snooze for 10 minutes and then get everything else ready. Having everything all set, including myself, before having to start getting her dressed and fed is a huge leg up in the race out the door.

When I first went into her room she was crying a bit and asking for Lauren but after about 15 seconds of holding and a game where I pretended her fingers and toes were bananas and that I was STARVING she was giggling and ready to get help pick out her clothes.

We threw the clothes on, the 'clippies' in her hair and toast in her mouth and out the door we went. The rain that was pounding the window earlier in the morning had now subsided and the sun was just beginning to poke through the clouds making our trip much easier than yesterday.

On the stroll to daycare I noticed Fall had certainty begun to fall here in Boston. This is THE best time of the year to be in Boston in case any of you are considering vacationing in the next couple of months, its truly a beautiful time of year. On the walk I asked her if she knew why their were leaves covering the sidewalk and explained that the seasons were beginning to change. I explained that Summer is lots of fun because its warm, sunny and we get to go to the beach but that Autumn can be just as much fun, just in different ways. I explained about the leaves falling and the crunching sound they make when you walk on them. I asked if she remembered going to the apple orchard to pick apples and pumpkins. I reminded her about how we went on a hay ride and asked if she'd like to do that again to which she answered "Yes… some day".

It was a wonderful walk and as much as I miss our leisurely mornings I'm beginning to remember why I love the special mornings between just my daughter and I even more.