Bringing your kids to the movies for the first time!

Last night was Friday, our "Family Movie Night", which usually means watching something at home on Netflix or iTunes. But this FMN we decided to bring Sierra to the movie theater for the first time ever!

She's 3 now and we thought it was a good time to give it a shot. We decided to go see Hotel Transylvania, I was a bit nervous about it being too scary for her but Lauren and I agreed if she couldn't handle it that we would just leave and try again another time. BUT she did did AWESOME! She was a perfect little angel the whole time. She was quiet, stayed in her seat and was basically awe struck the entire time.

Before the movie we discussed how the theater would be loud and dark but that it was going to be safe and lots of fun. We discussed the rules of the theater such as being quiet, staying in our seats, etc. She was so excited and adhered to all the rules so that she could go again another day. The only issue we had was her holding the seat down but we eventually (with the help of a booster seat that the movie theater provided) made it work. We had a BLAST and I can not wait for the next in-theater Family Movie Night!

Sierra enjoying (believe it or not) vegan movie popcorn! They use a soy butter dairy free alternative and canola oil. SO not healthy but also not made with cows milk so we were OK with it. What would a movie theater experience be without popcorn?!

The movie wasn't too scary and it was really funny! With voices from Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg and Steve Buscemi I'm not surprised. Plenty of funny slapstick stuff for the kids with some more adult jokes to keep the older crowd interested. Two thumbs up from Sierra and I!

The next morning Sierra was pretending to be "Mavis" from the movie.
So say hello to our little vampire!