Even though it's a Tuesday I have a serious case of the MONDAYS!!!

Good morning everyone. Even though it's a Tuesday I have a serious case of the MONDAYS!!!

Sierra woke up at 7AM (even though my alarm was set for 7:15 - HOW RUDE!). The worst part of her being awake that early was she got to see the tail end of Lauren leaving for work which meant she had a melt down. Over the summer Sierra gets very used to having Mama at home and there for wake ups but today marks Day 1 of school here in Massachusetts and Lauren is a teacher so off she goes to work. This means Daddy-Mornings are back in full swing.

Once the melt down subsided we began our morning routine with brushing teeth and getting dressed, followed by making some breakfast and running out the door 10 minutes late. All in all it was a pretty smooth first day back into our routine and I was feeling good, only 10 minutes late is a new record for us. Now this is where the shit show begins...

OH it's RAINING. How lovely... not only does rain suck when carting a toddler car-less to daycare but it washed away our big "GOOD LUCK MAMA!" sidewalk chalk mural surprise so Lauren didn't get to see it. Boo! Normally we have the car but we didn't want Lauren to be late on her first day so she took it. Anyway, back into the house we go for boots, umbrellas and other anti-rain devices. Low and behold Sierra's rain jacket AND rain boots are M.I.A. (I think in the car), so we improvise by covering her with one of Lauren's windbreakers, putting snow boots on and off we go. Now this wouldn't be SO bad but hey it's garbage day in our neighborhood! This means garbage cans, recycling barrels and stray trash litter the sidewalk making strolling near impossible on our narrow sidewalks. So off the curb, on the curb, off the curb, on the curb we go. On one particular jump off the curb my coffee goes flying and splatters all over the sidewalk. LOVELY! 

We finally arrive at daycare and Sierra breaks into hysterics as I leave. So now that I officially feel like the worst Dad ever I narrowly miss my bus and need to wait 25 minutes in the rain for the next one. I am a bit behind on some work I need to have finished for an important 10 AM meeting so I stayed up late last night working on it and now also work on my laptop the entire bus and subway ride to work. I finally arrive at work to find out that said 10AM meeting has been rescheduled to next week! Well I am about to buy myself an iced-coffee and dig into my pile of emails. Happy 10 AM everyone! -Craig