14 Awesome DIY projects I want to do...

Let me start out by saying thanks to BuzzFeed for posting a ton of awesome DIY posts, I merely got wrapped up in looking at them and decided to aggregate all the ones I liked in one spot. For their original posts see here, here, here, here, and here.

These are all AWESOME and I really want to do some of these ASAP. If and when I do I will be sure to take some pics along the way and post to let you guys know how it comes out!


1. Art Supply Caddy

2. Art Supply Caddy

Cover tin cans with Mod Podge and fabric, then use wire to attach them around the perimeter of a larger can. Nifty storage for paint brushes, pencils, and other art supplies.

I REALLY want to do this one! Sierra's art supplies are always all over the place so it may be fun to get some Crayon patterned fabric, marker patterned, etc and make some sort of system that may encourage cleaning up!

2. Screw Cheap Furniture Knobs Into Wood for a Necklace Holder

Screw Cheap Furniture Knobs Into Wood for a Necklace Holder

This looks AWESOME but I'm thinking larger door knobs and using it for umbrellas near the front door or perhaps towels in the bathroom. Hmm.

Click here for the full tutorial.

3. Turn Inexpensive Frames Into Chalkboard Signs

Turn Inexpensive Frames Into Chalkboard Signs

Paint the frames, and then paint the glass with chalkboard paint. We've had multiple mirrors leaned up all over waiting for something crafty to happen to them. Perhaps I'll do this and make some "Buy This" lists for the kitchen or just to write something cheesy like "Heart is Where the Home is." or something Pinteresty.

4. Ladder Bookshelf

Upgrade An Old Ladder By Turning It Into A Bookshelf

5. Floating Bracket Bookshelves

Floating Bracket Bookshelves

We have TONS of books all over the place it may be nice to get them up off the floor and for INSANLEY cheap w/ little to no effort an L-Bracket and a few screws. I have one of these 'invisible bookshelves' in our room but the thought of making them for myself for super cheap sounds great.

6. Box Shelves + Binder Clips = Unique Bookshelf

Box Shelves from Ikea, Connected with Ordinary Office Binder Clips

This is so awesome and I need to find somewhere in the house where it would make sense to have this but I love it. Click here for further instructions.
Source: livethemma.ikea.se  /  via: remodelista.com

7. Window Frame Photo Frame.

Turn an old window into a picture frame.

We have a TON of these old frames and we've stuck photos in them just sort of wedged in the edges but this looks a lot nicer!

8. Ladder + Wood Bookshelves

Ladder + Wood Bookshelves
I'm in the process of converting my sun porch into a usable space for playing / making art and this could be a wonderful solution for cheap shelving. Made with 2 ladders and planks of wood.
Source: peggy
Or just one ladder will do for a smaller bookshelf.

9. Wooden Pallet Bookshelves

Wooden Pallet Bookshelves

Gorgeous. Thinking bathroom magazine racks perhaps?

Source: kmackay

10. Storage Bench

Storage Bench

Love this idea and am thinking a coffee table but who knows. I could always use more record storage thats forsure. Made from pine wood, metal crates, and casters.
Click here for instructions.

10. IKEA Spice Rack Bureau Storage

Awhile ago I repurposed an old aqua bureau for Sierra's room and this is a great idea for adding some storage for her books! SO going to IKEA and grabbing the materials. IKEA spice racks nailed to the sides of a dresser makes instant display bookshelves. Click here for more details.
Source: ikeahackers.net

12. Stained Plywood Book Display Case

Stained Plywood Book Display Case
Don't know if I really need this but it's awesome looking so maybe I'll just make it and give it away as a DIY Christmas gift haha. Just glue some birch plywood together and stain. Click here for the tutorial.

13. Make a Sharpie Mug

Make a Sharpie Mug
These are awesome! A certain blogger pal of ours did a little tutorial on how to do these over at her blog  IROCKSOWHAT.com -- Read here.

Source: abeautifulmess.typepad.com

14. Coffee Beans and Tea Lights

Ramekins, Coffee Beans and Tea Lights

These are sort of cheesy but I love the smell of coffee and I want my house to smell like it at all times Mmmm. The warmth of the candles makes the coffee beans smell amazing.