AMAZING stories... AKA Listen right now.

Recently I've become obsessed with story telling podcasts such as The Moth, Strangers and Risk. In case you're unfamiliar someone gets on stage or in the studio and tells a story. Each episode has a theme  and people tell very personal stories about their lives ranging from 5 minutes to an hour or more sometimes. The stories are beautifully told and are so moving and interesting.

Two have truly stuck out to me as a father and I just wanted to share them with you. One is about a Dad who is a stand-up comedian by night and an amazingly strong father who takes care of his young daughter with cancer by day. The story is about 10 minutes long and as a disclaimer grab a box (or two) of tissues before hitting play. So moving.

The second story is from RISK! and is by Susan Kent of and is about getting pregnant at a very young age and having to hide it from her mother. This one is a bit longer clocking in at around 30 minutes but is told so vividly and with such emotion it is WELL worth the listen.

You should REALLY subscribe and listen to all three podcasts ASAP!! -Craig

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